Why I became a Women's Fitness Trainer

I have had people ask me why I wanted to become a trainer.  I have always been a relatively thin person but when I was 20 and had my son I found it a lot harder to really lose that last bit of weight.  Now had I known then what I do now, I think it would have been much easier to get back to the size I was.  Again, it wasn't that much weight but I also wanted to tone my muscles and build my endurance.

When you are a thin person the general assumption is that you must be in shape and have endurance because you are thin...That is not always the case.  Endurance is something that everyone has to build on, even thin people.  You can be in pretty good shape but still get winded when you run or jog for a bit.  My other challenge was trying to build my endurance, so when my family and I want to rock climb/ hike I would be ready for it!

I then thought that I cannot be the only one struggling with these things, I'm sure of it.  So wouldn't it be nice if I could share my knowledge with other women in the same boat?  Maybe they have procrastination issues (such as myself) or struggle with the time and energy to really try and workout or eat right.  We all have to start somewhere and even if you think it's a lost cause, I assure you it's not! 

This is why I became a trainer.  I want to help women find that strength and endurance to help them become happy and healthy, no matter the goals!

Exercise Fitness

Exercising should be fun and rewarding. That is why we create the perfect workout routine based on the clients wants and needs.

What sets Rising Sun Fitness apart from the rest is our ability to keep things fresh and new.  We will include circuit training, interval training, functional training and a variety of cardio and resistance combinations.  This can be achieved in many different ways!  We also implement yoga and pilates, especially for our pre/postnatal clients.
We pride ourselves on helping the client stay engaged and interested in their exercise routine. 

Nutrition & Injury Prevention

Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy fit individual.  Proper eating habits can help the client attain their goals much faster and lead to a long-term healthier lifestyle.
We will include nutrition advice alongside the clients exercise routine to reach their fitness goals faster.

Through stretching the muscles and doing a proper warm up/ cool down, we can reduce the risk of injury during exercise.
Based on the clients fitness level and needs we will create an appropriate exercise regimen including injury prevention.

      Pricing for services offered monthly:

  • Program design ~ $150
  • Program design including Nutrition ~ $200

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly phone consultations ~

  • Email support ~

  • Access to the "Membership Program" for new workouts, exercises and articles each month ~

            ~Congratulations on taking the first step towards a happier healthier You!~